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Islamic Structured Deposit

Gold & Oil Linked Investment

Gold & Oil linked Investment is an 18 month investment product, which is 100% principal protected. Apart from benefitting from a guaranteed coupon, the Investor can also earn a higher coupon if the performances of the underlying are positive on maturity.


Tenor 18 Months
Currency AED
Capital Protection 100%
Underlying Gold & Oil
Payout at Maturity If both Gold and Oil performances are positive at maturity, meaning both Gold and Oil levels in 18 months are higher than the Initial level, Client will receive a Coupon of 5.00%, (equivalent to 3.67% p.a) else Client will receive 1.00% only , plus 100% of initial investment.
Transparency Unlike Funds linked product, client can check the underlying levels in any website (Gold and Oil) and calculate the product performance himself.

Rational/ Benefits:

  • Ideal for investors who have a positive view on Gold & Oil.
  • Shorter term investment.
  • Guaranteed coupon.
  • 100% Principal is protected.


  • Investor may end up with only his principal amount on maturity.
  • 100% principal is protected only in case the investment is held to maturity.