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Financial Institutions


Wholesale Banking’s Financial Institutions (FI) team is the point of origin for all our relationships in the international financial community. Our dedicated team is actively involved in establishing and expanding relationships with financial institutions around the world - to expand our trade, correspondent, cash management and treasury arrangements, and in structuring trade transactions.

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Included in our portfolio is a comprehensive range of trade and cash management products:

Letter of Credit (LC) Confirmation

This standard trade product caters to UAE-based exporters who do not have relationships with financial institutions in foreign countries. By confirming an LC, we assume responsibility to make payments to you against it, subject to acceptance by the issuing bank.

Back-to-Back LC Issuance

We can issue new LCs against Master LCs received from other financial institutions, with terms and conditions varying or remaining identical to suit your circumstances.

Back-to-Back LC Financing

This innovative product, an extension of the Back-to-Back LC Issuance, is designed to help UAE-based importers with quick liquidity for exports on a usance basis. We can issue a Sight LC favouring your beneficiary against a Master usance LC, and disburse funds to the beneficiary upon confirmation.

Guarantee against Counter-guarantee Issuance

We issue guarantees in favour of local counterparties, against counter-guarantees from foreign financial institutions with whom we have relationships, and these include: Advance Payment Guarantees, Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds and others to government and nongovernment organisations.

Risk Participation Agreement

Noor Bank routinely participates in trade transactions with other financial institutions, and our FI team has developed various Shari’a compliant Risk Participation Agreements to facilitate this option.

NOSTRO Accounts

We offer clearing and cash management services to our relationship banks by opening their NOSTRO accounts with attractive terms and conditions, including payment of profit on idle balances.

Syndication Origination

Engage our award-winning Debt Capital Markets team to arrange syndicated transactions under various innovative Islamic structures.