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Please upgrade your browser to the below mentioned versions to enjoy an enhanced banking experience.

  • Internet Explorer - version 11
  • Google Chrome - version 40 and above
  • Firefox - version 36 and above


About our new Corporate Online Banking (COB) Portal

The new corporate online banking platform is the upgraded version with a fully integrated end-to-end solution in providing a single window for all our online transaction banking services.

You will be able to experience all the existing features with a new design and look & feel.

How do I register for Corporate Online Banking?

What are the recommended operating systems and browsers?

The new Corporate Online Banking is best experienced using Internet Explorer version 10, Google Chrome 41, Mozilla Firefox 10 or Apple Safari 7.

For optimal viewing, the browser should have a display configuration of 1024 x 768 pixels.

What are the main new features?

  • Dashboard widgets for quick access to account details and bank statements
  • Comprehensive account summary with account and currency details
  • Centralized Payment Centre for viewing/authorizing payments through a single window
  • Easy to use reports menu to download on-request or pre-generated reports

When and where can I use the new COB Portal?

It can be accessed globally and Round-the-Clock provided:

  • A secure internet connection is available to the authorized user
  • The Secure ID Key is present with the authorized user

However, occasionally the service may be unavailable due to essential system maintenance or upgrades with prior information.

How do I obtain more information about the new Corporate Online Banking?

You may the Relationship Manager (RM) or call the Corporate Service Unit (CSU) at 600-549999 during business hours to obtain more information on how to register for the service.

You may also contact us at for any queries, suggestions or feedback.

Is online help available?

You may access the user guide through help section within the new Corporate Online Banking by clicking on the help icon on each page.

Quick help on common tasks may also be obtained by clicking on “Quick How-To’s” on the left menu pane of the dashboard. Same are also given below:

Are there any video demos available?

You may see the demo clips on the below link

At what times of the day can I use it?

It can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Occasionally the service may be unavailable due to essential maintenance or upgrades but we will ensure minimal inconvenience for you.

What are the eligibility criteria to access the Corporate Online Banking?

The following are eligibility criteria:

  • The client has completed all the account opening requirements
  • The client has at least one account with Noor Bank
  • The client has submitted the Corporate Online Banking registration form
  • The client has agreed to the legal terms and conditions
  • The client has requested access for all authorized users


Corporate Online Banking (COB) Mobile Application

What operating systems will the mobile app work on?

The mobile app is only available for Android and IOS operating systems and devices.

Where can I download the COB mobile app from?

The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google play store and the Apple store respectively. The download link is also available on the login page.

What are the features of the mobile app?

The mobile application brings you a host of digital banking services with features as:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Transaction Authorisation
  • Dual factor Login and Transaction Authentication
  • Graphical presentation of cash position for the month
  • Easy Viewing of Account Balances in all available currencies
  • One Click Transaction Authorization of Individual and Batch Transactions

Is it possible to initiate transactions using the mobile app?

Currently the mobile app may only be used for transaction authorisation however the corporate online banking web portal may be accessed via any mobile device / tablet using the web browser for initiating transactions.

I’m getting an error ‘please enter valid login credentials’

Generally this happens when you are not entering the correct login credentials but this error may also occur if you have not logged into the Corporate Online Banking web portal for the first time and changed the password. So before downloading the mobile app please ensure to first login onto the corporate online banking web portal and change the one-time-password as per the password policy.

How can I download the mobile app?

You may download the mobile app from the below links of the Google Play Store and Apple Itunes Store







How do I register for Corporate Online Banking?

For new clients, Corporate Online Banking request form is included in the Corporate Account Opening form which is available on the Download Centre
For existing clients, please download the ‘Corporate Online Banking application form’ via the Download Centre or call your RM who will be able to assist you in completing the registration forms. Please also see the eligibility criteria above.

Which accounts can I register?

You need at least one corporate account with Noor Bank to register. All client accounts can be linked to the Corporate Online Banking and perform transactions.



What is an 'Initiator'?

An Initiator is a user who can initiate/submit transaction on the Corporate Online Banking which will need to be authorized by the Approver(s) before it is sent to bank for processing.

What is an 'Approver'?

An Approver is a user who can authorise a transaction to be processed by Corporate Online Banking. Once the authoriser has authorised the transaction, the request will be processed based on the value date communicated in the transaction.

How many authorised users can I register using Corporate Online Banking?

There is no limit on the number of initiators a client can request.

The number of Authorisers depends on the client relationship level and as per existing account mandate with Noor Bank.

How many authorisers are required to approve a transaction for processing?

This depends on client preferences and as per account mandate with Noor Bank. Corporate Online Banking can support sole or multiple authorizations with different limits for all transactions requested from the service.

What type of transactions can I perform on the Corporate Online Banking?

You can perform the following transactions for either Individual or Batch Payments

  • Payments within own accounts
  • Payments within Noor Bank
  • Domestic (AED) Payments
  • International (FCY) Payments
  • WPS payments
  • UAE FTS payments
  • Customized bulk payments

Financial Instruments

  • Manager's Cheque issuance
  • Demand Draft issuance
  • Corporate Client cheques

Corporate Online Banking is updated regularly to enhance the capabilities available to our clients.

How do I submit a transaction for processing to Noor Bank?

A transaction needs to be initiated by an initiator within the client setup. The transaction then needs to be authorised by sole/multiple Authorisers, using the Secure ID Key code, as per setup requirements. After authorisation, the transaction is received and processed.

For Clients with individual account operation authority, transactions will auto-authorised and directly sent to bank for processing

Can I authorise multiple transactions?

Yes – an Authoriser can select multiple transactions and authorise all the selected transactions by entering the Secure ID Key once.

What is the cut-off time for transactions?

Transactions received before the cut-off times are processed on the same business day. Payments approved after the cut-off are processed on the next business day.

The current transaction cut-off times, for each available product, are below:

Payment Type Cut-off
Salary / WPS Payments 2:00pm
Domestic (AED) Payments 3:00pm
International (FCY) Payments 2:00pm
Manager's Cheque 1:30pm
Demand Drafts 1:30pm
Payments within Noor Bank 3:00pm
Payments within own accounts 3:00pm

I am frequently travelling to different time zones. How do I know that the cut-off time has passed?


The local UAE time is displayed on each page of COB for user convenience

What are the daily limits for transactions?

The daily transaction limits are agreed beforehand with the client and introduced at the application process. The limits can be defined at corporate level, individual authorizer level and product level.

Individual authorizer limits are subject to the account operating instructions received at the time of account opening.

Please contact your RM for more information on how the limits are set prior to completing the application form.

Can I authorize a payment on a non-working day?

Yes – it will be queued and scheduled for processing on the next business day.

What foreign exchange rate is applied to my transactions?

The indicative foreign exchange rate is displayed on the transaction screen before the transaction is initiated however the actual rate may differ and will be applied on the day of transaction execution as per the market conditions. Special exchange rates (deal rate) can also be pre-arranged. Please contact your RM for more details.

Can I process transactions for a future value date?

Yes – a transaction may be scheduled for future by providing a future value date on the transaction initiation screen and it will be queued for processing on the given value date and executed if it is a business day. In case of a non-business day, the transaction will automatically be processed on the next business day.

Can I cancel a transaction after authorisation?

The client may request a 'cancellation of transaction' for any authorised transaction for the current value date through the RM and CSU which will be entertained on best effort basis and may incur charges.

How do I know that the transaction is processed?

You may check the transaction status on the payment summary screen which will provide the updated status as ‘processed by bank’.

Once the transaction is processed, the account balance is updated. The user may also view the account balance to confirm transaction processing.

What do I do if there is a transaction missing?

Please check the transaction status on the payment summary screen, if the transaction is not appearing anywhere, then the payment has not been initiated or submitted.

What do I do if my transaction is not processed?

Please check the transaction status on the payments summary screen which will confirm the transaction status and reject reason mentioned on the view payment page.

The client can then re-initiate the same transaction or enter a fresh payment provided the reject reason provided has been addressed.

How do I dispute a transaction?

Please contact your RM for further assistance or send an email to


Online Reports and Statements

Can I print or download my statement?

Yes – online statements are available in Excel and PDF formats for user to view, print and download.

How far back can I view my account statement and transactions?

The account statement and transactions are available for viewing for one year.


Data Management

Can I add / register the beneficiaries for payments?

Yes – you are able to add / register the beneficiaries for future use by selecting the option on the payment initiation screen.

Online Banking Access Amendment / Maintenance

How do I add a new user (Viewer/Initiator/Authoriser)?

Please complete the appropriate request form(s) and submit to Noor Bank. Once the request is completed, the new user will receive a welcome pack along with instructions to activate the secure token device.

How do I add a new account for viewing on COB Portal?

Please visit the Download Centre and complete the form titled ‘Corporate Online Banking application form’ and provide the new account number to be added.

How do I modify the limits for an Authoriser?

For increasing the limit over-and-above the account mandate, please contact your relationship manager. Please note that the new Authoriser limits will be verified against the account mandate prior to update.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password using the 'Password Change' option on the common toolbar

What should I do if my Secure ID Key is lost or stolen?

Please contact Noor Bank immediately on 60054999 or 800 6667 any time of the day to block the Secure ID Key. You will be asked to identify yourself by answering verification questions. Once the verification is complete, your Secure ID Key will be instantly blocked.

How do I replace my Secure ID Key?

Please complete the 'Secure ID Key Request form’ and submit to Noor Bank for processing. Once the request is processed, the user will be sent a new Secure ID Key.

Kindly note that the ‘Secure ID Key Acknowledgment Form' has to be signed by the appropriate authorizer(s) of the client before the device is activated.

Where do I obtain the forms for any maintenance request?

Please visit the Download Centre on where you can access the application forms. You may only print the relevant form for maintenance and submit to Noor Bank for processing.



What are the security controls in place?

The client is required to nominate designated users for view- access only OR for transactions capability the client is required to nominate users as Initiators or Approvers. Each transaction requires a minimum of two individuals from the client side to complete the transaction.

Authorisation access is only granted to delegated individuals as per the board resolution / company formation document(s) and account operating instructions including approval limits and authorisation workflow.

Is my account information safe?

Yes – your account information is extremely safe. Only authorised users will be able to login and access account related information.

What user security features are implemented?

We use extremely secure 'dual factor authentication' method of authenticating a user. A user must enter the correct combination of user id and password (confidential) and the random 6-digit Secure ID Key code to access COB. The 6-digit Secure ID Key code changes every minute and is impossible to predict.

There is a session time-out for added security where the user is automatically logged out after certain time of inactivity. The user may re-login and start a new session by entering the login credentials again.

Are there any additional precautions I can take to keep my information private?

Please follow the below recommendations as additional precautions:

  • Do not write down or share your password with anyone.
  • Keep your Secure ID Key with you at all times or locked in a secure place.
  • Check your surroundings when entering your password and user ID.
  • Do not leave your computer un-locked when not using the Corporate Online Banking Portal.
  • Do not share the Secure ID Key device with any one inside your organization or externally

What encryption method is used by the bank?

We use state-of-the-art data encryption services, which have proven to be highly secure. With the level of security, client data and transaction details are nearly impossible to 'steal' and do not pose a significant risk to client confidentiality.

I use a Local Area Network / operate a corporate firewall. Can I use Corporate Online Banking?

You can access it from a Local Area Network and behind the Firewall provided your Network Administrator allows browsing of the page.

Can I access the Corporate Online Banking portal from more than one computer?

You can access it from any computer. However, only one secure session is allowed per user i.e. you cannot have two login sessions for your user for security reason.

Any important security notice I should be aware of?

Please read the following security notice very carefully:

'Noor Bank will never ask you for any personal information other than your User ID when contacting you for any queries regarding Corporate Online Banking.

In case you receive any e-mail appearing to be sent by Noor Bank requesting you to reply with your user ID, password or any other confidential information, for ANY purpose, or update your personal data including your user ID, password or any other confidential information by clicking on a link or visiting a website outside the Corporate Online Banking domain, please DO NOT RESPOND.'


Fees and Charges

What are the fees and charges related to Corporate Online Banking service?

The charges related to the service can be found in the Corporate Price Guide on the Download Centre

Please contact your RM who will be able to provide you more details regarding fees and charges.


Login Problems

I am unable to login to Corporate Online Banking. What shall I do?

Please send an email to specifying the error message displayed and the support team will resolve your problem on priority.

I am not able to set the desired password. What shall I do?

Noor Bank implements a strong password policy, designed to avoid misuse or unauthorised access to your account. The password policy consists of following guidelines:

  • New Password should not match last 6 passwords
  • Password should contain at least 1 Capital alphabet(s) e.g. T
  • Password should have between 8 - 20 characters
  • Password should contain at least 1 small alphabet(s) e.g. t
  • Password should contain at least 1 number(s) e.g. 0 – 9
  • Password should contain at least 1 special character(s) e.g. ~!#$%.^*()_+

When I try to login, I see an error message 'Invalid Login Credentials, please try again'. What shall I do?

The error occurs when the user ID and password details do not match with the credentials in the authentication server. Kindly take extra care while entering the details ensuring no leading or trailing spaces are entered, the caps lock button is OFF and the keyboard is setup correctly for special characters.

If the problem persists then please send an email to providing your name and user ID for further investigation and resolution.

When I try to login, I see an error message 'Invalid Token No. Please try again'. What shall I do?

The error occurs when the secure ID Key code does not match with the credentials in the authentication server.

The 6-digit code changes every minute and can only be used one time. Kindly wait for the 6-digit code to change before trying again, taking extra care in ensuring that the time validity indicator is showing at-least 2 bars on the left side of the device screen.

If the problem persists, Please send an email to providing your name and user ID. Our technical team will investigate and may get in touch with you on the mobile number provided at the time of registration.