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Corporate accounts

Corporate Accounts

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Capitalising on opportunities becomes easy when you have solutions to support your ambitions. Corporate Banking has a wide range of accounts that can adapt to your immediate needs, as well as your plans for growth. All your account activities can be viewed in our innovative Corporate Online Banking solution.

  • Corporate Current Account: The Current Account serves as a solid foundation for processing your entire portfolio of business transactions - payments, collections and investments. This account can be used for all your operating activities.
  • Corporate Savings Account: Our Corporate Savings Account is designed on the Mudaraba concept. It offers you the flexibility of depositing excess cash, and the comfort of accessing it instantly for unexpected requirements.
  • High Yield Savings Account: Our High Yield Savings Account provides you an opportunity to earn Shari'a compliant returns - based on your average monthly deposit - when these funds are utilised in our Mudaraba pool. You can also combine this account with our Automated Sweeps to maximise your earnings.
  • Automated Sweeps/Pooling: Corporate Banking’s Automated Sweeps and Pooling solutions simplify the complex requirements of your working capital by including many-to-1, 1-to-many, reverse, target balancing and covering sweeps, with provision for standing instructions
  • Mudaraba Term Deposits: Our Mudaraba Term Deposits are ideal, if you wish to deposit cash for a fixed period of time - between 1 and 12 months – for profits calculated according to period.